K Discount Beauty – testimonials

kdiscountbeauty-06For as long as I can remember, I was hoping that a beauty salon would open in Louisville where I and my girlfriends could come and get the same service that women from New York can get or from the real big urban centers of the world. That is why we have been visiting K Discount Beauty ever since it opened. We knew that this was going to be something else and we have supported them all these years. Today, we always get a special service thanks to our loyalty and we are today finally able to say that New York women do not get better service than we do. K Discount Beauty has brought class to Louisville and that is something we will never forget.

Tiffany Storborn

I moved to Louisville two years ago from Los Angeles when my husband’s company opened a dealership in the city. When we were moving, I was devastated. I did not know much about Louisville and I was afraid that I was never going to fit in. I soon learned that it is a beautiful city and that it is in many ways much better than LA. If nothing else, people are at least three times better than LA people. Another thing that I was afraid of was that I would not be able to find a good beauty salon in the city. I asked some of the neighbors about where a lady in her 40s could go for pedicure and manicure and they all told me that K Discount Beauty was the only place to visit. And they were right. K Discount Beauty turned out to be such a huge thing for me that I can honestly tell you there is no place like it in the entire LA. The people who work there are great and their spa is simply divine. I cannot imagine my life without visiting K Discount Beauty at least once every week or two weeks at least.

Stephanie Armstrong

Whenever you are in need of a beautician, you simply go to K Discount Beauty. I have been going there for years. I do my hair there, I go for waxes there, I go for makeup when I need to attend special occasions and every now and then, I treat myself to a visit to their spa which is simply incredible and which provides me with much more than just my couple of hours of beautifying. It provides me with peace and serenity.

Linda Thompson

kdiscountbeauty-05I got married last year and I wanted to look my absolute best. My maid of honor told me that I only need visit one place, K Discount Beauty. And she was right. They did my makeup, they did my hair, they did my nails, everything. I never looked better and I still remember my wedding day as the best day of my life. Who knows if that would be the case if I hadn’t gone to K Discount Beauty.

Frances Gordon

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K Discount Beauty – our philosophy

There are beauty salons and then there are beauty salons. We know very well and we have known this from our inception that the competition is strong and that for a beauty salon to really make it, it needs to have a special philosophy that will set it apart [...] Continue Reading…

K Discount Beauty – about us

To say that K Discount Beauty is a beauty salon would be an understatement. We prefer to call ourselves a beauty clinic where anyone can come for any of the services that will ensure you look your best. K Discount Beauty was opened in 2004 in downtown Louisville and [...] Continue Reading…

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